Prius Prime is just a bridge to Tesla

Icons get old. Have you seen Burt Reynolds lately? If he were a car, he’d have cash on the hood and special financing. And that’s exactly what the new plug-in Prius Prime has, fresh from the factory. TeslaMondo’s Toyota sources say the Prime has factory incentives in some markets, yet it’s just rolling out. Pretty feeble considering it’s billed as the most advanced Prius yet. Shouldn’t it sell itself?

Regardless, the Anton Wahlmans of the world need a new Tesla-killer to write about, and this week is Prime time. TeslaMondo will render no opinion of the Prius Prime until it arrives. Must keep an open mind, you know. But it’s safe to render an opinion about Anton Wahlman. He’s already suggested a Nissan utility van would decimate Model X, and an Audi diesel weasel would decimate Model S. Now the Prius Prime will poach Model III customers, eh?

No it won’t. But it will indeed have a relationship with Model III. It will serve as a temporary substitute, a stopgap for people who would prefer a Tesla III but simply cannot get one because, well, NOBODY can get one. Once Tesla pumps up the volume and knocks down the wait period, we’ll witness a lot of Prius Primes on the used car market.

Yes, TeslaMondo’s trusted nose to the ground says the Prius Prime will be the last gas-powered car for lots of people. In short, the Prime is a bridge from Toyota to Tesla. If the word Prius means “to go before,” it’s time for a name change. How about Pontis? That’s the Latin word for bridge.

The Toyota Pontis will interest people who choose to let others “go before” while they nonchalantly ease on down the road. Now there’s a Pontis tagline for ya.

Toyota Pontis. Ease on Down The Road.



3 thoughts on “Prius Prime is just a bridge to Tesla

  1. Brian says:

    Oh, Anton…Have some faith, King Short.

    I have a Tesla and a Toyota. As for the Prius…any Prius…I no longer have ANY interest, in it or any other hybrid, including a plug-in.

    Keep guessing Anton, you’ll always amuse us.


  2. vfxx says:

    It’s all in how you say it. Toyota makes the hybrid every drives before graduating to a Tesla. So the first car is the “Pre- S”


  3. What’s the secret? Its chea…Diesel. Yeah, definitely the diesel.


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