The story of O

There’s a mathematical term that Elon uses a lot. Tesla junkies like to use it too, probably in the hopes of sounding smart. TeslaMondo has avoided it due to a distaste for buzzwords, but tonight, unfortunately, it simply must be used.

First, the foreplay:

Tesla’s entire production of Roadsters amounted to 2,450 cars, from 2008 to early 2012.

That was just a few years ago, not decades. Tesla’s growth is amazing. But let’s get back to the action:

Last quarter it delivered 24,500 vehicles. Not last year. Last QUARTER.

Feel an exciting mathematical tingle starting to build? Okay, here comes the money shot:

Tesla’s Q3 2016 deliveries exceeded its total Roadster output by exactly one . . . by exactly one . . . oh the delicious agony . . . BY EXACTLY ONE . . . 


Aaaahhhhhhh. It’s finally done. TeslaMondo has lost its mathematical virginity.


6 thoughts on “The story of O

  1. Jim says:

    I’m lost with the nonsense of teslamondo! It seems completely anti tesla so why use the tesla name in your title, seems like a complete bunch of nob jockeys running this show.


  2. bozo88 says:

    You don’t understand order of Mag then.


  3. Bert says:

    Actually it is 2 orders of magnitude: 10x more cars in 1 quarter then all cars in 10 quarters


  4. RWF says:

    It’s good that this post might have stimulated discussion about the meaning of order of magnitude, even if TeslaMondo looks like a possum’s pecker for failing to fully grasp it.


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