Beware the terror of Twitter

Trump’s early-morning tweets about an overweight beauty queen, a subject everyone except Trump considers a minefield, may have just destroyed his presidential bid by justifying public skepticism about his judgement.

Twitter is a dangerously impulsive medium. You can Tweet before you censor yourself. Twitter could destroy Trump simply by providing a direct feed into the mind of a dysfunctional person whose vices include, but likely don’t stop at, misogyny. And as with all electronic statements, Trump’s tweets offer no social cues, no tone of voice, no preceding or postceding dialogue, no facial expressions, no body language. The reader must assign the context from scratch, for better or worse.

We all know of another powerful individual who tweets from the hip, sometimes to his detriment. Musk isn’t running for president, but he’s a political figure, intentional or not, due to Tesla’s connection to tax incentives and its ongoing battles with state laws. Moreover, he’s trying to win your “vote,” as in earn your business. You vote with your wallet, right?

Like Trump, Musk can be impulsive. He engaged in a tweet beef with Jeff Bezos about whose is bigger and better. Rockets, that is. And he lowered himself to a blog battle with an attention-loving gnat named Ed Niedermeyer. He tweeted about Model Y having falcon wings, then deleted the tweet. Both Musk and Trump should take deep breaths before knee-jerking via electronic media. In fact, they should be forced to write all public statements on paper, in cursive, using an ink-dipped quill. That would force them to slow down and reconsider the option of staying quiet.

How dare TeslaMondo mention Trump and Musk in the same breath? Well, they may be on opposite sides of the climate change argument, but that’s irrelevant here. They’re both Type A rogues with hair-trigger temperament, and they use a hair-trigger social medium to supersede their own PR people at times. Sure, the stakes are higher for Trump, but not much higher. Trump just shot himself. Musk should take care not to follow.

3 thoughts on “Beware the terror of Twitter

  1. jmhays says:

    “they should be forced to write all public statements on paper, in cursive, using an ink-dipped quill. That would force them to slow down and reconsider the option of staying quiet.”

    No, No, No! Maybe Musk should be forced, but not trump! Let him continue with his childish rants at 3 am, maybe his mis-guided supports will finally wake up and learn what an idiot he truly is.


  2. Go Tesla says:

    Ecclesiastes 10:2


  3. Anon says:

    Which, out of a multitude of translations to said scripture, should I use? This is a big problem with Religion: the original source material becomes lost as cultures and languages evolve.

    As for Musk, it seems someone is already shooting at his Rockets…


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