Come on, let’s go Space Truckin’

Today’s Mars colonization keynote made for some memorable viewing. It’s always inspiring to see the “other” Elon do this thing at SpaceX. We’re reminded of a few things:

  1. Musk is an engineer of such high caliber that you could find yourself wanting a Tesla even if you don’t need a Tesla.
  2. The most remote planet in our solar system is France.
  3. Model X isn’t the most complicated vehicle on the planet after all.
  4. With rocket gas stations strategically-located “up there,” we could extend our reach and truly go Space Truckin’ as in the Deep Purple song.
  5. Reusable rockets could one day be used for earthbound package deliveries, when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. Actually, make that 10 minutes.

But once the Q&A session began, it became instantly clear that something was very wrong. The questions ranged from unintelligent to dumb. And some “questions” were really just self-indulgent ramblings from people basking in their 15 seconds of fame.

Well, TeslaMondo has learned that a prankster messed around with the event schedule, so Elon inadvertently delivered his Mars presentation to a Hempfest crowd. Meanwhile, one block away at the Hempfest presentation, the scientific community did pick up some interesting growing tips that are somewhat applicable to Mars colonization, so it worked out fine for all.


2 thoughts on “Come on, let’s go Space Truckin’

  1. nitramadams says:

    Once again, amazing tongue in cheek commentary. Keep it up!


  2. Timmy says:

    Mars and Juan: a potent combination.


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