P100D tests as advertised, which is scary

faster-pussycat-facelift-teslamondoAt some point very soon, you’ll be sitting at a traffic light and realize you’re in a right-turn-only lane when you intended to go straight. You’ll hatch a plot: As soon as the light turns green, you MUST jump in front of the guy next to you or else you’ll be forced onto a highway ramp into rush hour traffic, with the next exit four miles away. That means you’ll never make it to the airport on time. If you miss this flight, you might lose a massive contract.

In fact, your very CAREER could depend on getting an early jump and overtaking the guy in the next lane. Trying not to stare, you look over your shoulder to size up the situation. Is it an old lady in a rusty Kia Rio? Oh please, oh please . . .

No, in fact, it’s a Bugatti Veyron. And the dude is already blipping the throttle and grinning at you. Game over? No, a mere inconvenience, because you’re driving a Tesla Model S P100D.

The light turns green. The guy tears away with a nasty “VVVRRRRAAAAAPPPP!!!” You leisurely move into his lane behind him. Why? Because the car behind him was, in fact, an old lady in a rusty Kia Rio. The end.

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