Two benchmarks spanked at once

Acceleration and range, spanked. Myopic investors might not care much about today’s P100D, just as they brushed aside the original dual-motor unveil, but when Tesla clears these “incremental” hurdles, the electric car robs another slice of public mind share.

  • The ICE’s forte is supposed to be acceleration. We can now officially uncheck that box.
  • Okay then, travel range between fills. Uncheck that one too.
  • Okay, then, engineering advancements. Uncheck that one. Tesla’s technology is improving much faster than the ICE’s. This company is relentless.
  • Safety! There ya go! Regular cars crash better, yes? Well, no.
  • Meanwhile, in Romper Room, fuel cell technology still hasn’t graduated from diapers to pull-ups.

It’s all quite tantalizing. If Tesla does to the “affordable” market what it’s doing to the “premium” market — specifically, making stalwarts look like regular warts — we’re going to witness something akin to automotive genocide over the next five years. Nameplates that we’ve known since childhood might be annihilated as Big Auto is forced to revamp its product strategy to survive the Model III and Y dual pandemic.


One thought on “Two benchmarks spanked at once

  1. Nøderak says:

    ICE’s forte was never accerleration, ever heard of the EV grin? When the P85D came out in January 2015, only 10 production cars were quicker to 60mph than it.


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