Range anxiety, like most anxiety, is BS

A neurologist once explained anxiety to TeslaMondo thus: “You have two brains, a primitive one and a more advanced one. Sometimes the primitive one keeps sounding an alarm. The advanced one knows it’s a false alarm, but there’s still that initial reflex response that’s hard to stifle. Alarms are alarming. And so a struggle ensues.”

That’s why you find yourself talking to yourself, during bouts of anxiety, like so: “Cut it out. Cut it out. Calm down. Breathe. This isn’t a problem. Man this is so stupid. Will you stop with the heartbeat and the fast breathing? It’s exhausting.” It’s your two brains duking it out.

This MIT study about the electrification of personal transport says range anxiety hasn’t a toe in reality for most people. We’re dogs with plenty of unused leash. This makes perfect sense to your advanced brain, but try explaining this to your caveman brain who thinks you’re going to be stranded. It’s the same brain that reminds you about the distinct possibility that your headache is actually a fatal aneurysm in the making, and going grocery shopping means sniffing that smelly pet food aisle. You don’t even have a pet and have no reason to visit that aisle? Exactly. That’s anxiety for ya.

Stress: Portrait of a Killer.


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