Credible P100D “sighting”

A Dutch Tesla forum declares that a Euro-authority has approved nomenclature for a new class of 100 kWh Teslas. Could this be the fruit of Tesla’s contract with mad scientist Jeff Dahn? When will Tesla officially unveil the upgrade? When will it hit the streets? Will it boost acceleration or range, or both? Can Tesla be caught by the tail by rival automakers, or is it pulling farther ahead with every iteration? How much more juice can Tesla extract from the battery array that fits in the S/X platform? Will vehicle size ultimately corral the potential? Is charging speed the next frontier?


3 thoughts on “Credible P100D “sighting”

  1. Nøderak says:

    I don’t think other Legacy Manufacturers will catch Tesla, until they start buying packs from Tesla wholesale. They would look less like fools if they did so. I think Tesla will always continue to add acceleration, there are more areas besides 0-60: 0-30, 0-155, 45-95MPH, etc, performance can always be upgraded without having to make 0-60 times quicker. Look at the LP-610-4, equivalent 0-60 time with the P90D, but a shorter 1/4 mile time and higher trap speed.


  2. Timmy says:

    “There Will be Plood”!


  3. Nøderak says:

    Remember 3-dog-day? Last July/August? I predict that all new major top-line batteries will out in Q3, and all new bottom end units in Q2 (April-May).


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