You’ve had some problems? No problem.

Model S is the most-loved automotive product on the road, says Strategic Vision. Just another touchy-feely survey? Maybe, but look at the comment from the SV marketing director:

The Tesla Model S was again rated as the highest quality vehicle in the entire industry.  The electric performance car consistently reinforces the fact that according to consumers, quality is far more than simply a lack of problems.  The Model S does have its share of minor issues, but the innovation and excitement of the product overpowers any lasting negative feelings regarding those issues.  

 According to Karl Miller, Director of Marketing at Strategic Vision, “Even the way Tesla fixes problems often turns a product drawback into a benefit.  To be able to fix problems and add features through a software download overnight instead of a trip to the dealer is a powerful tool.  In many cases, it actually enhances their confidence in the product more than if the problem had never existed in the first place.”

TeslaMondo has long opined that Tesla enjoys a forgiveness factor that’s totally unfair to rivals. When you buy an unprecedented product from a young company, you know you’re flying Uncharted Airlines. All part of early adopting. That’s why a Consumer Reports blessing, while optimal, is also optional in Tesla’s case.

The Strategic Vision winners’ roster (below) is odd indeed. The thoroughbred Model S rubs shoulders with the Fiat 500, a quivering, tinkling automotive chihuahua. So even a shitbox can win a Strategic Vision award if it’s a cute n’ cuddly shitbox. Yay Sergio!

Marchionne Godfather TeslaMondo

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.51.58 PM


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