Yeah, yeah, earnings. Don’t look back.

Unless Tesla Energy or some other sidelined player hits a pinch-hit homer, today’s earnings call will likely disappoint. A production miss — old news at this point — likely means an earnings miss.

All eyes to the future instead, right? Musk has certainly yanked our eyeballs in that direction lately, dropping lots of product hints on Twitter. That’s not is usual M.O. Either he’s turned over a new leaf, or he’s tipping some of Tesla’s “cards” to soften the blow of today’s earnings news.

The Gig grand opening shindig — was it just a shot of alcohol to ease the sting? TeslaMondo thinks so. The BBC asked the question:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 7.24.08 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.11.05 AM

Heat Miser for president. Yay!

Baloney. But okay then, all eyes to the future. What if Trump is elected? What happens to Tesla? What happens to clean energy efforts overall? Musk attended a private meeting of Big Minds who chattered about Trump. TeslaMondo has witnessed this behavior in the suburbs. When squirrels and chipmunks start making a racket, it’s usually because an unwelcome cat is snooping around. TeslaMondo doesn’t trust Trump.

But it does trust Tesla. Reasons for optimism:

  • The brisk pace of Gig construction and Model III development.
  • Tesla Energy is just hitting its stride, just starting to “scale” production.
  • SolarCity’s new products may do to the solar market what Model S did to the auto market. Specifically, make a product that tastes so good, you forget it’s good for you. Think grapefruit.
  • Toyota is offering zero percent financing for SIX YEARS or a $2k rebate on the new and improved Prius. Nobody is buying them. Compare this to exactly 10 years ago, when you had to wait two years to get one, and your name would rub shoulders on the wait list with Matt Damon. Obviously the hybrid has run its course. Now Tesla owns the wait list.
  • We’re likely just a few months away from the second Model III reveal, and that’s sure to restore Tesla’s status as the kings of Shock and Awe, the company that builds things other companies don’t have the brains or the huevos to build.

5 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah, earnings. Don’t look back.

  1. RB says:

    If you don’t trust Trump, you have not been paying attention.


  2. LG says:

    RB: No. You don’t trust Trump precisely BECAUSE you have been paying attention. Sheesh. 😛

    His anger masks his insecurity & incompetence. That act is only going to cover so far for him, before he self-destructs. He outsources his products to China etc., cheats his employees, treats no one with respect. And people somehow think this very self-centered, mean-spirited billionaire will suddenly “fix” things for them?

    WTF kinda of drugs are you taking????


  3. Timmy says:

    I never know whether to trust Drumpf before or after he contradicts himself. Oh, wait…




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