Wanna play “fill in the blank”?

As foreshadowed here, Tesla has quietly consolidated its web presence. Teslamotors.com now links to Tesla.com, instead of the other way around. Also, the company’s mission statement is now about sustainable “energy,” not just “transport.”

With this in mind, Tesla’s main page has a parking spot for a bright, sunny, two-syllable word starting with “S.”

Tesla.com restructure TeslaMondo


4 thoughts on “Wanna play “fill in the blank”?

  1. w reed says:

    Very reminiscent of the move made by apple as the iDevices were ramping up in importance for the company. All of a sudden, and somewhat quietly, the company was no longer “apple computer”, it was just “apple”. That seemed to work out pretty well, eh?


  2. Nøderak says:

    I don’t get it. please enlighten me. Dumb Mr. Jonas says mobility, which it isn’t.


  3. […] Un vide à remplir…Tesla a discrètement consolidé sa présence sur le Web. Teslamotors.com mène dorénavant à Tesla.com, au lieu de l’inverse. De plus, l’énoncé de mission de l’entreprise est maintenant « l’énergie », durable et pas seulement le « transport ». La page d’accueil présente aussi un espace libre pour un  mot ensoleillé et lumineux de deux syllabes commençant par « S »…Tesla Mondo […]


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