This fake turmoil sets stage for lawsuits

Criswell predicts TeslaMondoCan Autopilot survive sue-happy USA? That’s what TeslaMondo pondered last year. Well, let’s look at the current conditions:

High-profile accident? Check.
Hyperbolic headlines? Check.
Consumer advocates chiming in? Check.
Regulators chiming in ? Check.
Congress chiming in ? Check.

All that’s missing now are the opportunistic lawsuits. TeslaMondo predicts a settlement-seeking lawsuit within a month, claiming Tesla was reckless in deploying Autopilot. Followed immediately by polished sound bites from plaintiff lawyers and their bespoke safety advocate, Sean Kane from Safety Research & Strategies.

In short, there’s blood in the water. Musk should NOT testify before any Congressional committee right now, for his every word will be replayed in court.


3 thoughts on “This fake turmoil sets stage for lawsuits

  1. Rowsby says:

    It certainly set the stage for a dog and pony show in the Senate with Elon. They seem to want to schedule it around the same time as the Gigafactory Party. Interesting… The vultures will be on the edge of their seats, waiting to swoop down and pick apart anything they don’t grasp. And who really grasps Elon? He’s having his people use temporal sampling to make car radar act like LIDAR. Do you expect conservative representatives to GROK that level of technological innovation? I don’t.

    I blame the mainstream media for being irresponsible: often reporting opinion in the absence of facts, knowingly escalating anti-AutoPilot and Tesla Sentiment in the Public Sphere. I also blame drivers who clearly lied about their particular accidents and their actual role in them. Vehicle logs are something every automaker needs to implement. But will publications like Consumer Reports backpedal on their positions, now that there are some real facts to go on? Doubtful. And anyways, the public smear campaign has still accomplished its goal. Autopilot bad. Elon bad. Tesla bad.

    The current digital click-based-revenue-media craves attention, and thus creates it; instead of merely reporting the facts. Welcome to the Digital Lynch-Mob-Mentality. Opinions are not facts, nor reason to engage an issue just to meddle indiscriminately with it. True investigative journalism is dead, as Fortune Magazine has so vividly and recently proved.

    This is yet another way to watch Democracy, which can only exist with well informed citizens, wither and die. 😦


  2. Nøderak says:

    Yes Mr Rowsby!, absolutely correct! thank you! now tweet that to @Fortuena and all the friends.


  3. Bubble wrap everyone says:

    I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any discussion about GPS caused accidents and the parallels with autopilot. Where is Consumer Reports and congress in saving us from this scourge of reckless technology? For example this one about a lawsuit involving height restricted roads:


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