Tesla versus the press, part 253,484,873

This article says Tesla releases bad news when the market is asleep, like this past Sunday. The problem with that theory is that Tesla released pretty strong Q4 numbers on Jan. 3. Guess what day of the week that was. Yes, a Sunday.

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This article says Musk is kind of a weasel because he didn’t say anything about the fatal Autopilot crash while he was tapping equity markets a few weeks ago. The problem with that theory is that the Autopilot crash proved immaterial to TSLA shares. Even today’s Google-humping article about whether it was material — proved immaterial. The stock barely budged today, in the end. In fact, most automakers did far worse today due to Brexit weeping.

And the other problem with that theory is, as the reporter found out, Musk is not a weasel. He’s falls into a similar, yet different taxonomic classification:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 5.44.51 PM

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4 thoughts on “Tesla versus the press, part 253,484,873

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    That’s right, a larger thing that takes credit for being a founder *( along with other weasels that have no patents. ) , after showing up well into the 3rd production run of B-variant Roadsters began *( well after about the 3000th Roadster was delivered. ) Govermedia controlled fake narrative / controversy.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re an idiot, Mr. Kane.


  3. Nøderak says:

    Shut up citizen Kane, he is a founder, for he founded a strong financial backing for tesla to the tune of $6B. Also, he’s been involved with Tesla well before any Roadsters were built.


  4. M.H. Kane says:

    Spoon-fed B.S. @ Noderak CEO’s are govermedia employees, Musk ( and all the fakes with Tesla Motors on their resume’ had nothing to do with Roadster, S & X bodies-in-white / parts production to aerospace tolerances. They can’t even produce more once the supply runs out. They don’t have the patents / machines for the composites, that’s why the lll will be a step backward to steel. Also Musk claims the X doors were difficult, either this is fake drama or he should be reassigned. FOIA / Tesla Motors , I have video & witnesses so good luck being programmed by B.S. @ Anonymous Takes one to know one, at least I don’t gladly eat B.S. and get angry at the truth.


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