Upcoming solar panels worthy of Tesla name

Tesla’s cars are pretty.
Tesla’s home batteries are pretty.
Tesla’s Gigafactory is pretty, as renderings attest.
Tesla’s solar panels — assuming Tesla buys SolarCity — had better be pretty. True?

Seems that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Read the transcript* of the recent press conference. Note the repeated references to aesthetically exciting solar panels, the fruit of SolarCity’s recent acquisition of Silevo. Apparently we’re about to see solar panels that you’ll want on your roof because they’re sexy. Never mind the green cred. This parallels Tesla’s automotive success: desirable first, electric second. And if your property value gets a little bump from the panels — even a couple percent — the system is paid for.

So we’ll soon confront the prospect of a gorgeous electric car in the driveway, gorgeous batteries on the wall and gorgeous solar array on the roof. Musk’s AI sensibilities could one day yield gorgeous Tesla salespeople to pitch this whole package. And they won’t need a day off. Or a lunch break. In fact, they won’t need food at all . . .

*If you read the MarketWatch live blog, you probably noticed that it wasn’t merely non-objective. It was downright insulting. TeslaMondo emailed MarketWatch to ask why journalism 101 goes out the window when blogging. Will post any response.

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