A textile context? Bold, yet odd.

Tesla Nordstrom TeslaMondo

Tesla traits that have taken some getting used to:

  1. Silent grunt.
  2. Grille-less faces.
  3. Base models look almost exactly like range-toppers.
  4. No model years. Free-flowing kaizen instead.
  5. Company blog and Twitter account as PR central.
  6. Mall-based car stores.
  7. And now cars unabashedly displayed as fashion.

We’re used to seeing cars in a hard, gritty context: dealer lots, garages, fix-it shops, junkyards etc. They ooze fluids and emit noises and gases. They run over animals and stuff. So it’s a little odd to see a car store inside a mall, where no other store has anything remotely similar — except maybe some rider mowers in Sears.

But it’s even odder to see a car inside a clothing store. We sequester cars from the “delicates” in our lives, such as clothing. In fact, brush against a car and your next stop is the dry cleaners. Tesla is unfazed. Soon we’ll see Teslas rubbing shoulders with soft n’ fuzzy non-mechanical stuff that just hangs on us for social purposes. The proximity to such superficiality threatens to render the cars a fashion “front” instead of a real car. You might have to check the YouTube videos of Teslas slaying Ferraris to remind yourself that Tesla isn’t selling frou frou. The cars are brutally powerful, even if they look nice with wool mittens on their side mirrors and a Burberry scarf on the cowl.

Tesla does sell tote bags made from car interior scraps. Add some custom luggage designed for the Tesla frunks, trunks and any other nooks, and some Tesla outerwear for yourself, and you’re talking ensemble. Isn’t that right, Ganesh Srivats? Here are some cars that come with custom-fit luggage.


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