Shareholder meeting in a nutshell, with extra nuts

Not all Model III versions will get free Supercharger access, at least not right away, as part of the purchase price. “Decoupling” is the word of the day, as in the cost of Supercharging will be “decoupled” from the price of the car. Will this decrease or increase SC traffic? Model III drivers who’ve paid “extra” for access may be more inclined to not only use SCs, but camp out there.

Tesla’s Old Testament, which tells of the company’s origin, has at least two versions. There’s Tarpenning’s (see previous post), which puts Musk in parentheses, and last night we heard Musk’s version, which omits Tarpenning and his biz partner, Martin Eberhard. Wars are fought and people croak over less-polarized Biblical interpretations than these.

Gigafactory 1 is a factory, a machine and a computer. Optimizing it sounds like a fun challenge for the likes of Musk/Straubel. If the Gig develops a self-optimization instinct and begins systematically eliminating any employees it perceives as laggards, through a series of freak accidents, well you heard it here first. Throw in a topless scene and at least one explosion, and you’ve got a movie.

Model X doors, like all Tesla creations, are subject to kaizen even after production. Expect OTA updates to improve their behavior and kill bugs dead.

It’s possible for the CEO of a noteworthy Silicon Valley tech company to look like a low-budget weatherman, given the right lighting and camera work. Looks like the forecast calls for a black tsunami. No need to fret about Supercharging fees. We’re done for, unless we can somehow reach that island in the background.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.55.53 AM

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One thought on “Shareholder meeting in a nutshell, with extra nuts

  1. nitramadams says:

    “weatherman” and “little island in the background” finished me 😀


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