General Motors the latest diesel weasel

Diesel Weasel TeslaMondo

That’s according to today’s news out of Germany. The environmental group Deutsche Umwelthilfe (translates to German Environmental Aid) says GM’s Opel division uses emissions-massaging devices that properly restrict emissions only under the narrow circumstances that just happen to coincide with the testing environment.

“The Opel Zafira works in a non-legal mode about 90 percent of the time,” said DUH chief Juergen Resch, noting that functions to cleanse emissions were frequently turned off during normal operations. “To us, that’s premeditated behavior.” Here’s a response from Opel.

Euro-officials, who so recently claimed that only VW was cheating, now want to chat with Opel and Fiat. Bottom line: The complexity of diesel emissions creates too many holes, and weasels love holes. UPDATE: Now Nissan is under the gun in S. Korea. Same issue.

And regarding GM proper, it found a “data-transmission error” that just happened to result in overstated MPG on about 60,000 crossovers (Buick Enclave, Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia). Result? A oopsie-boostie of about 2mpg on the Monroney labels. GM has hurriedly told its dealers to stop selling the product.

TeslaMondo predicted back in September that VW’s scandal would scare many other skeletons out of many other closets throughout automobiledom. It’s hard to peddle a machine that drinks too much and farts too much, but that’s the burden of selling ICEs.

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