Obviously TSLA is no cult stock

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.16.35 PM

When a CEO waxes super-aggressive, shareholders can react three ways:

  1. They automatically believe. New believers file in. That’s a cult stock.
  2. They scratch their chins. Stock unchanged. That’s many stocks.
  3. They think he might be nuts. Stock sags. That’s this stock.

Number three is also known as Sancho Panza syndrome. It’s happened before in Tesla circles, and it’s a healthy phenomenon, for it bespeaks a sober, rational shareholder community instead of a cult. It means we sometimes wonder.

Of course, if Musk wants to stop this slide, he could simply leak a little Model III info. One tiny tweet would put aside the alienation and get on with the fascination. The real relation. The underlying theme. Yes, TeslaMondo is lowbrow enough to quote the likes of Rush once in a while.

Cult Stock TeslaMondo

Manson Motors IPO. Short-lived venture cut short by incarceration.

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