Volvo disses Tesla Autopilot, eh?


Despite three high-profile safety demo disasters — or perhaps because of them — Volvo recently joined the list of rival companies that have brazenly disparaged Tesla despite glaring shortcomings of their own.

2 thoughts on “Volvo disses Tesla Autopilot, eh?

  1. purrpullberra says:

    LOL. A Tesla is likely to do the same thing eventually but these gif’s are still funny as hell!


  2. M.H. Kane says:

    Volvo has been milking their safety cred since they did the lap-belt . These incidents ( not all were Volvo’s fault. ) are the only time boring Volvo and excitement could be used in the same sentence. BTW The top gif’s back-story makes me think the MVD should IQ test with the driver’s test. @ purrpullberra replied to your ABG comment, ( I use my own name here ) I still don’t care enough about ABG to change the bluepongo1 handle there.


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