GM, alleged dealer chum, slapped by court

GM tried to pull the plug on a New York dealer for underperforming state averages. But the dealer successfully argued that such averages are polluted by local advantages/disadvantages, so they’re bogus metrics. Here’s the money shot from Automotive News:

“The Gellers’ suit argued that their dealership and others in the import-heavy New York City market were unfairly compared with stores in the Buffalo area, for example, where Chevy’s market share is about four times greater, partly because of the presence of thousands of GM factory workers.”

So GM, the company that lobbies against Tesla’s factory-direct business model and touts its wonderful family of neighborhood dealers, is an abusive parent.


2 thoughts on “GM, alleged dealer chum, slapped by court

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Govermedia, GM, & dealers = the perfect storm of lawfare debris; you scum deserve each other.


  2. M.H. Kane says:

    BTW Anyone have thoughts on Ford sending money to Mexico without paying back the govermedia first ?


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