Homeless man has big plans

Panhandler sign TeslaMondoThe press is giggling about Elon’s desk on the factory floor, and the sleeping bag reference.

If you’ve been following Tesla for more than a couple of years, you already knew about Musk’s desk location. It’s right on the assembly line. And the sleeping bag thing should be no shock if you’ve read the Ashlee Vance book about Musk. He’s been borderline homeless for quite some time, presumably without the tick bites, but you never know.

So the Q1 takeaways are, in order of importance:

  1. Tesla’s boss can sometimes be found in fetal position on the floor. Building the unbuildable takes a toll.
  2. The new goals of 500k units in 2018, and 1M a couple years after. Sigh. Street people tend to have grandiose agendas.
  3. Capital raise and job fair coming soon.
  4. Over 90 percent of Model III buyers have no prior relationship with Tesla. That’s a beautiful thing. All those Tesla ads are paying off.

3 thoughts on “Homeless man has big plans

  1. Rob Andrews says:

    Well Done! It must be hard as an employee to get a day off when he will not even go home at night!


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