GM’s Mary is quite contrary about dealers

Mary Barra TeslaMondoEvery time GM’s lobbying efforts against Tesla make new headlines, like today’s headlines about the battle for Connecticut, TeslaMondo will remind readers of GM’s two-faced position on dealerships.

1999: GM tries to bypass dealers, to no avail. The dealer lobby becomes stronger as a result.

2014: GM writes a letter to Ohio that calls Tesla’s business model a “distinct competitive advantage” over the franchise system, and decries the “unique, favorable protection” that Tesla receives in being allowed to go factory-direct.

It’s obvious that GM considers its dealer network an albatross, right? Yet listen to this bullshit from Contrary Mary during the Bolt launch:

2016: “We believe strongly in the dealer model, and the tremendous value our customers derive from neighborhood dealerships.” Skip to 7:52 to hear it for yourself.

If we believe Mary, then GM’s dealer network forms a competitive advantage over Tesla. So, Mary, why not shut up and enjoy your unfair advantage over this no-dealer newcomer? Why lobby to erase your competitive edge? That’s the question of the day, and maybe the year. 

Never mind how her garden grows. TeslaMondo wonders when her nose will grow.


3 thoughts on “GM’s Mary is quite contrary about dealers

  1. Brian says:

    Your dealers know ish about electric cars, Mary.

    Dealer in Arizona explained to my friend that the Chevy VOLT is “all electric”, and DOES have a gas tank yet DOES NOT have an engine.



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