Tesla should cap Model III pre-orders

Nobody likes traffic jams, or crowded airports, or busy supermarkets. We use the term “cattle house” to describe the feeling of being dehumanized in herds.

In the interest of preserving what’s left of Tesla’s unusual intimacy with previous customers, and preserving any chance of a positive introduction for newcomers, Tesla should freeze pre-orders. What’s wrong with shutting off the faucet at 400,000, and then reopening it for a “second wave” after half of the first wave is delivered?

Mutual funds sometimes close to new investors temporarily, for a host of good reasons. Want a more relevant example? Retailers do turn customers away if they know they cannot deliver the product in a timely manner. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens. Taking a deposit with no clear path to filling the order only guarantees agita later.

Overall customer experience is an unglamorous metric. In fact, it wasn’t a “metric” in the auto world at all until recently. So it’s not likely to generate headlines, or make history, or provide bragging rights. But overall customer experience, in all its dry glory, is what moves Tesla along.

In its short life, Tesla has established personal rapport with customers. People feel personally invested in the brand. That’s a precious thing in the auto world, where defensive mistrust is, justifiably, the default customer attitude toward the entire business from dealers all the way to corporate HQ in some cases. But letting Model III orders outstrip, say, three years of production threatens to erode that rapport by making people feel like livestock. It also makes Tesla look overwhelmed, even if it’s not yet. Tesla should look confident at all times, not overwhelmed.

So TeslaMondo pounds on this pulpit in the middle of the internet forest with nobody around, and says Wave One of Model III pre-orders should be declared a success and ended.


7 thoughts on “Tesla should cap Model III pre-orders

  1. RexxSee says:

    Sure, maybe you should cancel your reservations and wait after orders are cap …to see how it feels. Ego-centrism is killing this civilisation.


  2. RexxSee says:

    And disinformers would again talk about those elite toys for the rich. Bad idea.


  3. Jerry Cecere says:

    It occurs to me that there might be 500K folks out there who are extremely interested in getting a Chevy BOLT but there is no way for them to place a deposit on one because of GM’s dealership arrangement. So their enthusiasm is “hidden”. I’m very excited about Model 3 but not sure, given my life expectancy, that I’ll ever get one! I also have doubts that 400K people will want to wait for their cars to be delivered, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to, years from now.


  4. vfxx says:

    Maybe at 500k orders? A nice “round” number of half a million?


  5. An avid reader of the blog says:

    Another alternative could be to enhance the reservation page to at least provide an estimated year for delivery?




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