Our Funny-Shaped Future starts now

Newcomer Faraday Future achieved a Hurculean feat yesterday by talking for over an hour without saying anything remotely meaningful. We learned only:

  • The first syllable is pronounced “fair.”
  • The company’s core is its “super electric ecosystem project.” Certainly sounds super, not to mention electric.
  • The lead singer, Graham Bonnet, wears shades indoors and comes across like a car salesman instead of an alter-Musk.
  • The company incessantly uses the term “connected” to describe its forthcoming vehicles. But with Chinese entertainment firm LeEco behind the curtain at FF, totally beholden to the Chinese government like all Chinese businesses, how “connected” do you want to be? Does an intimate electronic relationship with China turn you on?

In sum, here’s the current state of FF: No battery supplier. No charging network. No bespoke prototypes that move under their own power. No testing except for retrofitting gas cars with new internal organs and seeing what happens.

Farady Future concept car TeslaMondo

But within two years, sang Bonnet, we’ll marvel at a finished factory spitting out revolutionary transportation for the masses. And somewhere in that narrative, there’s room for a Batmobile aimed at the woefully overlooked crustacean community.


TeslaMondo wants Tesla to lead a large segment instead of a small one, so all EV entrants are welcome. But FF is off to a WTF start. And the Chinese provenance will prove a constant pedigree problem, at least here in the US, as expounded here.

Other headlining EV efforts, such as Apple’s Titanic project, GM’s Re-Volt and Porsche’s Mission Eventually have no such pedigree problem to overcome. And those people know enough to ditch the shades during press conferences.


4 thoughts on “Our Funny-Shaped Future starts now

  1. Dave says:

    Since you’ve been gone… They didn’t arrive yet…


  2. Bob Ware says:

    Faraday is still in the group with EEstor and the Thorium powered car.


  3. My GOD but that video was boring!


  4. Timmy says:

    GM is revolting, isn’t it? Huh!


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