No wiki car? How ’bout a wiki nose?

TeslaMondo has occasionally wondered aloud whether Tesla could pull off the world’s first wiki car, a car not just configured online but designed online, at least in part, by prospective customers, with Tesla offering guidance and feedback about the pros/cons/ramifications as the project takes shape. Well, as Tesla enters the final “tweaking” stage of Model ☰, it seems a good opportunity to experiment with the idea.

People are already posting alternate Model ☰ nose designs. Why couldn’t Tesla choose three finalists from among its own designs and the amateur renderings, and put them up for a final online vote? The ballot could be restricted to Model ☰ reservation holders, to keep it pure. What’s the risk in such a move? It seems we’re almost there anyway, given the real time dialogue with Musk on Twitter and the renderings popping up in forums, which Tesla does peruse. Why not just make it “a thing”?

5 thoughts on “No wiki car? How ’bout a wiki nose?

  1. Avid reader of the blog says:

    Would this allow incumbent industries to subbotage Tesla in any way through proxies? I am actually wondering the same regarding all these Model E reservations. Need to take them with “grain of salt”, even if they were non-refundible. /tin foil hat


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  3. vfxx says:

    Great concept but as Elon found out and later lamented, (paraphrased) “You can’t just do what ever you want (when designing a car.)” So many countries, so many rules. Quick example: Many of those new nose designs won’t pass some country’s laws.


  4. Avid reader of the blog says:

    P.S. Meant to say the deposits are refundable, but even if they weren’t, would still need to tread somewhat carefully, as some percentage of reservations could speculative, etc.


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