Last week, best launch. This week, best landing.

Conrad and Musk final TeslaMondo

“Go ahead. I dare you.”

It’s times like these that Musk’s hyperbolic tendencies should be forgiven. And it’s times like these that the squawking about Tesla’s taxpayer subsidies should receive a moment of silence. The U.S. of A. looks better every year because these companies deliver the goods, to the ISS and to our driveways. And now Musk’s crew lands a rocket on a Chiclet that’s undulating on the ocean. Welcome to the club, SpaceX. Membership: one. Does anyone remember this joint Tesla/SpaceX expo in 2011? Maybe it’s time for another.

Now back to TeslaMondo’s bread n’ butter blogging.

Looks like the long, lonely intermission between the first and second acts of Model ☰ Mania, a gripping show so far, will at least have some good refreshments available the lobby, with the emphasis on the “refresh” part. Rumor points to an imminent Model S refresh and lineup shift — the refresh to include new seats and eyes-only face, and the lineup shift to include a new flagship version.

Will the new hierarchy have more personality, akin to BMW’s “M” series, Mercedes’ “AMG” series or Lexus’ “F” series? Hope so. Will the new Model S stop masquerading as an air-gulping, gas-slurping car and lose the nose cone? Hope so.

Tesla's new corporate face TeslaMondo

Eyes without a face? It can work for people. Why not cars?

If this refresh rumor is right, it means the Model S went about four years without a styling massage. That’s longish nowadays, but then again, the car is still an exotic novelty to most of the world, and the OTA updates give it an unfairly long shelf life. Internally, the car has very little in common with the debut version of 2012. Also, the brand represents the future, where everything is fresh by definition — even if it’s four years old. It also has a connection to space exploration. That’s something automakers have tried for decades to imply about their cars. Rocketry never goes stale. Actually, on second thought, it was indeed going stale. Until recently.

PS: Anyone under 40 will not understand that photo at the top of this post. Watch here for some clarity.

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