BMW staring down an abyss

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.40.21 PMIt tells AutoNews it needs a new shot of brain power to navigate the brand through the sea change of autonomy. Somehow the ultimate driving machine needs to become the ultimate riding machine. Software engineers will comprise a much larger proportion of its payroll. Brains, not brawn, will rule.

From the AutoNews article: “In the auto industry the battle will be not for horsepower but bragging rights will be ‘my car is more autonomous than your car’,” said Manuela Papadopol, director, global marketing automotive for Elektrobit, a software company now owned by Continental.

Sure, that explains the intermediate stage, when automakers race to outsmart each other. One brand could gain an edge over another. But TeslaMondo is thinking beyond that, to when the race is over. When all cars are equally brainy, equally unlikely to crash, equally immune from human interaction, what will make a Honda a Honda? When consumers summon cars as mere horizontal elevators, why summon a Porsche? For the wallpaper? The Muzak?

One thought on “BMW staring down an abyss

  1. Jerry Cecere says:

    It appears that the days when we see automobiles as status symbols is fast fading. Getting shopping done in the nearby village using a Ford Focus or a Tesla Model 3 will be just as satisfying as using a Bentley, the former easier to park. After all, almost no one cares who manufactured their Greyhound bus.


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