Straubel (barely) talks Model III

It has “next generation” Tesla tech.
It’s about the size of an Audi A4.
It will wow everyone with features.
Every EV component, from battery innards to electric motors, is quickly dropping in price.
Lithium is plentiful already, but could be extracted from ocean water in the future.

A less-concise version here.


3 thoughts on “Straubel (barely) talks Model III

  1. Jiminy StAck says:

    They have already changed the world with the S and X not to mention the PowerWall. The model 3 will make it so many more can switch to 100% Electric for 100% of their driving needs.


  2. […] écosystème diminue sensiblement. » Source : InsideEVs et TeslaMundoContribution : Peggy […]


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