Faraday Future a farce?

It’s starting to look that way. After unveiling a non-marketable, non-functional electric race car exoskeleton instead of the automobile 2.0 it promised, a few eyebrows moved upward to askance position. Now we read that even insiders don’t know exactly what’s going on. FF’s secrecy is starting to look more like a simple lack of anything to show us. Even its self-promoting video, aptly called “What If?,” has no FF product in it. Just highway overpasses.

Leaving something to the imagination worked in The Blair Witch Project and Rosemary’s Baby. But it’s starting to wear thin here. Time for FF to show us something, lest we assume this “What If” company will never escape the subjunctive tense.


3 thoughts on “Faraday Future a farce?

  1. Jim Whitehead says:

    Could FF be just a ruse by a rich source (China? Apple? Ford?) to gather Intel and people from Tesla to build their own Model 3 car?




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