The “other” Model III buyers

The press will have you believe Model III’s sole raison d’être is to pull in the great unwashed that cannot afford a Model S/X. TeslaMondo thinks it will pull in lots people who certainly can afford an S/X. But they will order a Model III instead because:

  1. They need something smaller. City motoring, especially outside the US, is a game of inches. Don’t be surprised if the top-end Model III pokes into Model S pricing territory. Some people will happily pay MORE for that 20% size reduction. More for less? It happens.
  2. They need something that doesn’t announce wealth. Some people do have humility, you know. Model III may offer the right mix of greenness and modesty for lots of influential people who might otherwise go with a Prius.
  3. They can’t justify spending anywhere near six figures for a car, no matter how much money they have. Cars are bad investments, period. Even Teslas. Tesla stock, however, well that’s another story. Put the money there instead.

5 thoughts on “The “other” Model III buyers

  1. vfxx says:

    #1 all the way. The S is too big. Roadster is too small. X is a plus sized S. Hope there is a full featured higher priced lll to match the S’ capabilities.


  2. Dave B says:

    Indeed – we could probably afford a second CPO Model S for the wife, but she won’t drive such a big car, the city streets in Brussels are just too tight.


  3. Totally agree with #2 and #3.


  4. John says:

    I second #1. Model S is definitely too big for many historic cities in Europe.


  5. Tony says:

    Humble? I don’t think any Tesla product will ever fall into the humble category. A Tesla won’t be a Tesla if it doesn’t ooze sexy, high tech, and high performance through every pore.


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