So, Tesla can indeed scale

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.05.24 PMScale down, at least. But seriously, this toy does invite thoughts about a Tesla product spectrum that starts with the S/X and ends with this remarkably authentic $500 Tesla, or even — if we want to push it — the Hot Wheels products. Along the way, we have Model III and Y.  But we still have unoccupied strata on the cheapness continuum.

Will Tesla ever “scale up” to these volume/price points? Why not? As EV tech becomes cheaper, better and harder to shoo away, it seems inevitable that we will indeed see a full totem pole of Tesla vehicles.

However, as TeslaMondo has repeatedly opined, cheap Teslas will require a different retail model. Low-end buyers tend to be need-based, and pressed for time. They want to trade in a car that just failed inspection, get financed, and take delivery today. They can’t just borrow the golf cart while they wait for delivery.


TeslaMondo exclusive graphic


3 thoughts on “So, Tesla can indeed scale

  1. JoeC says:

    Don’t forget Tesla’s own 1:18 diecast model ($210). This one has had to do for me until the model 3 comes out.


  2. Tony says:

    What about the revised Roadster? $150k? What if we use a placeholder “Model 2” and “Model 1” for the $25kish and $17.5kish models respectively?


  3. Mike Smitka says:

    Dealers provide the financing to the auto industry. Tesla at present needs to borrow / raise all its own money, and can’t leverage anyone elses. That, plus there’s the historic inability of a centralized company to run ground-level retailers with trade-ins, financing for individuals with less-than-stellar credit ratings, etc etc about which you’ve blogged.


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