Feds approve Google ghosts

Google’s nonexistent driver qualifies as a driver under federal law, says Nitsa, paving the way for more nitty-gritty talks about making autonomy happen. Are pedals required? Warning lights? That kind of thing. This federal nod to Google knocks down the first Domino.

It seems that by the time Model III proliferates, and Tesla’s autonomous tech ripens, regulators will give Tesla enough leash to raise a little heck. Summon your Tesla from the assembly line in Fremont. Take it to work, then send it home for the family to use, and then summon it back when you’re leaving work.

What — it’s late picking you up? That’s because a couple of protesters shut down the autonomous highway by simply standing there, triggering pedestrian alerts that froze traffic. Either that or it got pulled over by the cops for doing 80 in a 30mph zone, thanks to some hooligans who altered the speed limit sign.


One thought on “Feds approve Google ghosts

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