A word from Neuman Securities

Alfred E. Neuman TeslaMondoTeslaMondo has fallen quiet lately, due to a lack of news. Yes, people are jumping the turnstiles to get out of TSLA, and most of the Nasdaq, but that’s not news. That’s anticipation of news. Apparently everyone thinks that everyone else knows people who are pretty sure that people with greater minds have a lead on some information suggesting that something bad is happening with Tesla. And whatever it is, boy are we going to find out on Wednesday. Yes sir.

So with TSLA trading at levels unseen since the Mesolithic era, yet without any evidence of a problem, it won’t take much from Wednesday’s conference call to reverse the curse. TeslaMondo thinks the call will go like this:

Model X ramp
Not a problem. If there’s a credible story about a production stall, TeslaMondo hasn’t found it. But even if the ramp is slower than hoped, the payoff presumably is higher quality. Nothing wrong with that. Ford recalled the Escape 16 times in three years. Tesla cannot afford such a blunder. In fact, even ONE recall would get exaggerated media coverage and market reaction because Tesla is SUPPOSED TO BE FLAWLESS. Fair or not, that’s the standard imposed on the brand.

Model X demand
It IS NOT about to fizzle, contrary to some spook stories. SUVs are hot, gas guzzlers or otherwise.

Tesla Energy
It’s a thing. TeslaMondo thinks many investors have forgotten about it. Tesla is an energy innovation company, remember? At some point, stationary storage is going to start bringing home the bacon. And when it arrives, it will have recent TSLA sellers wishing they’d stood in bed. Will bacon arrive Wednesday night? Probably not. But we’ll hear at least SOME positive news on that front. Enough to cause some head-slaps from folk who sorta forgot about this non-automotive side of Tesla.

Cheap gas
It’s not a thing. Cheap gas will continue to deter NOBODY from buying a Tesla. You want a Tesla because you want a Tesla, period. Saving money on gas is the cherry on the cake, nothing more. The cherry can vary in size without detracting from the cake.

Model III
Model III details will NOT come forth Wednesday. Why would Tesla defuse the Hitchockian suspense of the March reveal? Maybe Tesla will use this call to reassure everyone that we will indeed see a car, and not mere images of a car. After all, the Model S concept debuted with magnets holding its hood in place. Then the Model X concept debuted with functional falcon doors. Even the Dale appeared briefly in the flesh. Surely Tesla can match the Dale. The what?

How longGigafactory
It’s on or ahead of schedule, true? Since the idiot press thinks Tesla is locked in race with GM, this is crucial. For the rest of us who know GM will steal zero customers from Tesla, the Gig represents not a race against Detroit, but the exciting frontiers of battery volume, quality and price. We’ve read that Gig job creation is behind schedule, but does anybody care, besides some Nevada politicians?

If the call leads to more selling, it’s time to ask yourself the question: How long are you? If you’re REALLY long, this romp through the tar pits means nothing. In fact, TeslaMondo would sell other securities and buy more TSLA if only its other major holding, MBLY, weren’t also stuck in the sediment of late, as autonomous car tech moves to the back burner — temporarily.

4 thoughts on “A word from Neuman Securities

  1. Not sure if you read replies but I was reading your email, in my S, and a group of 20 young kids walked by. Every single guy gave me the thumbs up with the pursed lips of approval. While I generally try to avoid teenagers, it’s a testament to the moral and cool reach of Tesla.

    Also selling other stocks to load up on tsla.

    Best, Andrew


  2. RWF says:

    Are you absolutely sure they didn’t mistake it for a Caddy ELR?


  3. wipster56 says:

    RWF, thanks for reinforcing what I already knew. I know where goes around comes around… sometimes it a bitch waiting for it though. Wednesday should be very interesting… but not stupid.


  4. […] mind the conference call. A few posts ago, TeslaMondo predicted every single “twist.” Sure […]


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