Tesla “advertises” to Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.14.48 AM.pngThis video ain’t on TV, at least not around here, so it leaves intact Tesla’s rep as non-traditional marketer. However, it is indeed an advertisement, and since it emanated from Tesla, TeslaMondo proposes that it be considered a Tesla advertisement (gasp) targeted at Hong Kong, where the Model S was the best-selling sedan in 2015 according to local press.

So what do we see? Tesla’s clean design esthetic, for one thing. The ad has a lot of negative space, as does Tesla’s breezy website. It favors a few simple gestures and asks you to read almost nothing. We see the Model S and a cameo appearance by the Roadster.

What do we hear? Testimonials using customer voice-overs, all in English. It seems the same ad could employ other languages interchangeably with only minor edits, since very few mouths are seen moving anyway. We hear about Tesla’s speed, safety, emissions heroics etc.

What’s missing? Model X, understandably. Tesla is looking for sales, not orders. Also missing is a harsh depiction of smog. We hear a reference to it, coupled with fairly innocuous imagery of a city haloed by what looks like a semi-happy cloud.

Makes sense. Can’t show a family coughing blood into their masks and falling down, holding their throats — though TeslaMondo would do exactly that. And those people would then carjack a Model S, wherein they would remove their masks and admire the modern/lux appointments while giving the finger to other people desperately clawing at the windows. The final shot would show the Model S heading to the mountains while the Hong Kong skyline wilts and collapses in the background.


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