Why people have Teslas: lust

Model X scalp 215k.jpgTeslaMondo’s prediction that Model X would re-sell for $250k is becoming less and less crazy. A few posts ago, we saw a stab at $175k. Now we see $215k. Sure, we don’t know if they’re actually selling at those prices, but it doesn’t matter. When we see $250k listed somewhere, TeslaMondo will pat itself on the back anyway, dammit. Anything to lift spirits, with TSLA trading below $200 yet again. Don’t people realize TeslaMania is only a few weeks away, with the Model III extravaganza? Apparently not. They’re stuck on the fallacy that Tesla will suffer with low gas prices. When the day comes that Tesla sales suffer for ROI concerns, TeslaMondo will divest its shares of TSLA and stop publishing, for Tesla products will have lost their mojo.


3 thoughts on “Why people have Teslas: lust

  1. Timmy says:

    I think you mean stop publishing. You’re welcome. 🙂


  2. RWF says:

    That too.


  3. Wipster says:

    Write on!


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