Disquiet on the Western Front

Silicon Valley’s push to create superhuman automobiles seems to be taking a human toll. Tesla’s head of autonomous driving defected to Apple’s car project. But now the head of that Apple project has quit. Engineers are only human, you know. So it seems that knocking people out of the driving picture is daunting enough to knock people out of the “knocking people out of the driving picture” picture. How ’bout we just keep on drivin’ and live happily ever after, or at least until we’re fatally broadsided by an exhausted engineer.


One thought on “Disquiet on the Western Front

  1. Anonymous says:

    Business Insider is reporting that Jony Ive has stopped hiring for the project and is not happy with the car.
    Apple’s shot at an EV is going to be just like the Amazon Fire phone.
    “Oh, neat, they’re getting into the biz! Wait, how do they bring their magic to this new endeavor? Who will over pay 2x the price or more for an Apple car or full price for an Amazon phone?”
    There is no Foxxconn for EV’s. LG is as close as exists right now. And where are the batteries coming from? Honestly I’m not even sure an Apple EV will ever make it to market. If they couldn’t build a TV or get an ala-carte ‘cable’ subscription service on the market how are they going to build a car that can compete against a Tesla? It’ll be even harder to get someone else to do it for them.
    And Tim Cook just isn’t a guru of products, he’s a guru of product supply chain management and a ruthless, unconscionable negotiator. No one can be the Steve Jobs or Elon Musk of the Apple car project and that is unquestionably the key to success(Tesla) and failure(Apple’s likely defunct EV). Even if it does come to market there is no way it stands toe-to-toe with a Tesla. I’m very confident of this.
    I wonder how much cash they’ve put into this project so far… a hundred million or more?


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