DIY ads abound for Model X

So far, no automotive magazine, consumer magazine, tech magazine, or for that matter, ANY MEDIA OUTLET has received a Model X for a long-term test. Or a short-term test. In fact, the only “test” to date was a series of communal jaunts around the block during the Model X launch last year. Extremely short-term tests, you could say.

When was the last time a high-profile automobile was launched not only without advertising, but without even a single road test, comparison test, preview test or sniff test by any publication?

You want to learn about the Model X? You must turn to YouTube, where you’ll find owner-produced videos like this one, with a voice-over recorded in an echoey kitchen. That’s your advertisement and your road test all in one, folks. A few years ago, such a humble beginning would befit only the latest offering from Malcom Bricklin. Now it’s barely even noteworthy that a headlining automaker skips all marketing efforts AND snubs the press, preferring to let owners run a DIY campaign.

Of course, Tesla has already sold out the Model X for this entire year. Why advertise? And why let the likes of Motor Trend subject Model X to the Samsonite Gorilla test? And as for Consumer Reports? Well, maybe somebody will loan a Model X to CR — next year.


2 thoughts on “DIY ads abound for Model X

  1. Mike says:

    American Tourister


  2. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Read the post.


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