Mystifying mysteries* abound

Mystery 1: The Norway fire started not with the Supercharger but within the car, which had just changed ownership two days prior. Since the car was just about cremated in the fire, it seems unlikely we’ll ever find out what happened. Did it have the titanium shield? Or could an earlier debris strike have lit the fuse? Or was it a torch job by someone attempting insurance fraud? Do they have insurance fraud anywhere except the US?

Mystery 2: The Model X delay — well, one of them — traces to a slapdash German supplier who talked a good game about building falcon wing doors but couldn’t deliver. The mystery, then, is how Tesla will avoid this very pitfall as the high-stakes Model III moves to the fore. These specialty suppliers must know Tesla is under immense time pressure. Some of them will probably play hardball at the 11th hour.

Mystery 3: Why would auto dealers bother trying to tell the FTC that Tesla’s factory-direct sales model hurts consumers while consumer advocates, including the FTC itself, say the opposite? Wouldn’t it make sense to find another angle of attack? How about the fact that mall shoppers heading to the Tesla store could encounter aggressive kiosk operators and end up buying an $80 bottle of hand cream, or a yapping robot dog that does backflips?

Mystery 4: Will high-end car buyers cancel their Tesla orders for fear we’re entering another great recession?

*The worst kind!

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One thought on “Mystifying mysteries* abound

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    #1) a) probably b) probably not c) probably d) Yes …#2) Fake govermedia drama for free press / ads …#3) Govermedia and dealers still hang on like parasites while telling themselves they are necessary. Tesla gets to throw more money at the broken lawfare system . …#4) Not if they can do the math: electricity is cheaper than gas can ever be.


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