Driverless cars flunk “flow”

They are causing accidents by honoring the speed limit, no matter how absurd, and by refusing to merge into situations where a modicum of aggression is required. We all know the outcome of merging with the brake pedal. It seldom works out well.

So automated cars put their passengers at risk by failing to go with the flow. And it seems they also dramatically add to your commuting time. If time is money, this means you’d save money by re-taking the reins from the onboard Hal 9000.

As TeslaMondo has predicted time and time again, the assimilation period for driverless cars is going to be very long and very ugly. They’ll have to live among old-school “bareback” drivers for decades to come, until the entire automotive fleet becomes fully autonomous. Only then will cars flow smoothly — albeit slowly.


2 thoughts on “Driverless cars flunk “flow”

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    They flunked flow ? Get the flunk out of here!!!


  2. wipster56 says:

    I wonder if Flo would give you better insurance rates because you refuse to go with the flow… oh flunk it!


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