Why diversification stinks

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Talentless actor? Well, YOU try doing that with YOUR mouth.

TeslaMondo’s entire portfolio consists of Tesla and Mobileye. Today Tesla is on the throttle while Mobileye is on the brakes — because of an email from Uncle Elon that suggests he’s looking to surpass Mobileye ASAP, plus some dissage from Citron animaged Geohot.

The Bloomberg reporter making these waves is Ashlee Vance, the author of the recent Musk biography.

So today’s stock movement warrants a half smile and half frown, a physical impossibility unless you’re Lee Majors.

UPDATE: Musk tweets a “correction” that tries to pour cold water on Geohot’s endeavors and perhaps reassure Mobileye and its investors. However, the tweet fails to acknowledge his alleged email to Geohot about ditching Mobileye. What will happen when the market opens today? This site might provide the best play-by-play coverage.

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2 thoughts on “Why diversification stinks

  1. Timmy says:

    Was he born with that ability or was it an add-in when they rebuilt him? 🙂


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