Enjoy Model X’s flaw while it lasts

Model X window trimIt’s a little thing, but it’s a big thing. The shiny strip that corrals the Model X’s windows and doors often seems misaligned where the falcon glass meets the rear glass, as if the doors aren’t decisively shut. It’s apparent in this video of VIN #3. Granted, the falcon doors surely have an imprecise “squish” factor due to the elaborate weather sealing. And who knows what other engineering nuances come into play in such a funky vehicle. But fickle or not, the misalignment issue invites dark thoughts about what else might be a “little off.” Tesla quality periodically comes under scrutiny from Consumer Reports and others. Here’s hoping that Model X quality control zits begin and end on the shiny trim.

Model X window trim closeup TeslaMondoHow could fanatical Elon let this pass? Probably because getting this detail perfect would have set the project back yet again, and this issue was deemed unworthy of such a drastic outcome. Tesla’s strong kaizen culture may exorcise this li’l demon before long anyway. If so, the misalignment will become a badge of honor that proves you’re among the earliest owners. You’ll be canonized at Cars And Coffee.


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