Bolt sets low bar for Model III

Seems the Chevy Bolt is just the latest example of wimpy-assed dilution from concept to production. Sigh. The casual observer might mistake the Bolt for a Honda Fit, or Ford Focus hatch, or Hyundai Elantra hatch, or Kia Rio hatch, or many other stalwarts of Mundane Motoring. TeslaMondo repeatedly says, and will say again: At this stage of the game, any EV that seeks equality with gas cars lacks ambition.

The stage is set for Model III to unshackle electric transport from its analogous ICE rivals and give it unique street presence. The “naked” Model X nose perhaps foreshadows bolder styling for Model III and the Y variant to follow. And this post won’t bother talking driving dynamics. We know Tesla will wipe the floor with the likes of the Bolt.

So, with the Model III unveiling just a few months away in Geneva, GM has tipped its hand. The Bolt is just another econo-hatch. And the hybrid camp has tipped its hand with the new Prius, which is barely more efficient than a 10-year-old Prius, suggesting hybrids have hit their zenith while EVs stage a dramatic ascent on Tesla’s back.


5 thoughts on “Bolt sets low bar for Model III

  1. theschnell says:

    The concept was pretty boring to begin with.


  2. M.H. Kane says:

    The only thing GM leads Tesla in is : body count. 😛


  3. wipster says:

    I can’t wait until March!


  4. Don Murray says:

    We’ll finally see some competition with a Tesla model with a similar class car from a large established company. A lot of people have been waiting to see how this will shake out. Will there be price, range, service, reliability, and other differences that bias the market share after a few months?


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