Model X to face bestial trials

American Tourister chimp testNow that Tesla is apparently taking general orders for Model X, which starts at $80k before incentives and interestingly offers seating for five, six or seven, we’re counting down to the Samsonite Gorilla* test — when laymen get their mitts on the X and start monkeying around with the falcon doors, just to see what happens. Can they be fooled into hitting something? Will they lift anything? That kind of thing. Monkey business abounds with Autopilot, as YouTube videos attest, but we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Like apes to orange suitcases, so will humans stick it to poor Model X. It’s a DNA thing.

It seems the Autopilot shenanigans took Tesla by surprise. The company is working on stricter safeguards to ensure you don’t leave the cockpit of the plane, so to speak. Will Model X shenanigans require any OTA safeguards? We’ll see.

Will TSLA get a boost as Model X moves one step closer to science fact instead of fiction, or will we have to wait until the automotive press gets some test vehicles and reports that yes, Model X does warrant Also Sprach Zarathustra as the soundtrack.

Maybe it’s fitting that the Model X configurator coincides with the 41st anniversary of Australopithecus. Or maybe TeslaMondo is simply forcing a primate theme into this post for no valid reason.

*The famous ad involved neither Samsonite nor a gorilla.

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3 thoughts on “Model X to face bestial trials

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps they’ll make the doors flap. The car will fly like a real falcon.


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