Observations from Q3 chat

  • Analysts love to talk about margin, production timing and sales volume. You’ve got to wonder what these guys grunt to their wives in the heat of passion. Probably stuff about margin, production timing and sales volume.
  • Google finance dept. veteran will replace Ahuja as CFO.
  • Tesla is building its own Tesla Model X seats. And apparently they’re no easier than rockets.
  • Tesla shared mobility plan is “not fully baked.” So confirmation of its existence is fully baked.
  • Every week the Model S receives an average of 20 engineering changes on the fly. Kaizen. There’s no ideal time to buy one, so stop agonizing and get out your credit card.
  • “We don’t think anyone is on a path to be even close” to Tesla’s battery quality, density etc.
  • In 2010, Tesla delivered 500 cars per year. Now it delivers about 500 every two days.
  • The Gig is already producing battery components, despite assault and battery.
  • Model 3 within two years, approx. “Cadence of future products should improve.” Two-year development process is too long. Tesla wants to tighten that up.
  • Buying a non-autonomous car will be like owning a horse, says Elon. This implies horses are non-autonomous. Really? More like too autonomous.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.23.31 AM


3 thoughts on “Observations from Q3 chat

  1. Timmy says:

    So it sounds like part of what you’re saying is that the gig is up, despite the nay-sayers.


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