If Teslas could see each other

CB Radio TeslaMondoBefore cell phones, we had car phones. Before car phones, we had CB radio. It was the prototype for “social media,” you know. The camaraderie started with truck drivers, but then spread to normal humans too. Soon we had movies like Smokey and the Bandit and songs like Convoy. Both drew heavily on CB culture, even making the lingo kinda cool.

The fad faded, but it was fun while it lasted.

TeslaMondo thinks Tesla owners could enjoy similar, but far more enduring, camaraderie if Teslas could see other Teslas on the NAV screen. Here’s how it could work:

  1. Your car would be cloaked by default. You would have to turn on visibility.
  2. You’re driving along and spot a little red car icon on your NAV screen. It’s another Tesla, apparently parked at the Old Home Fill ‘Er Up and Keep on Truckin’ Cafe. You touch the icon, and up comes whatever information the other owner wants to reveal. It could be just “Tesla.” Or it could be “John Doe, Model X P90D, Johndoe@gmail.com, 756-555-1212.”
  3. Within seconds, your phone is vibrating. Guess who it is? John Doe. He sees your P90D on his “radar” too, invites you to meet him for sausage and eggs.
  4. You stop in and chat for a while. Turns out you’re both in the same business and travel the route once a week and decide to hang out at this cafe on a regular basis and so you’ve got a new friend and the orchestra swells in the background and the sun is setting as you shake hands. Roll the credits.
  5. As you’re both hopping back on the highway, you’re joined by another Tesla that spotted you guys and just wanted some company. But he happens to have some key Autopilot-related advice about road conditions up ahead, So now we’ve got three Teslas cruising together.
  6. Mercy sakes alive, looks like we’ve got us a convoy. Ain’t she a beautiful sight?

Why couldn’t this happen? Why shouldn’t this happen? Well, for one thing, a convoy of Teslas stopping into the same Supercharging station at the same time wouldn’t work out swimmingly. Randomized solo visits work much better. Second, you might leave your visibility on by accident and receive unwanted attention. And third, y’all might be tempted to go a-huntin’ bear.

Besides that stuff, seems this idea is clean clear to Flag Town, come on?

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6 thoughts on “If Teslas could see each other

  1. Robert van Gent says:

    We’re building cars, not the next 1 in a 1000 social media app.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Brian P says:

    10-4, Good Buddy!


  3. vfxx says:

    Japan has been doing this for years with devices before phones.

    A Tesla convoy might be sticky when 6 cars all pull into a SC station and there are two cars electron filling.


  4. vfxx says:

    BTW This was suggested years ago for Tesla car club meets and drives
    (by me).


  5. Toonrunner says:

    Since every Tesla is more or less in constant contact with the Motherships (so to speak) it would be nice to have them fistbump each other out in the wild as well. A private intranet between fellow drivers to ratchet/ talk smack/etc for those who wish to. You would have to opt in to it, being kept on private by default. Having a setup similar to Waze would be so cool.


  6. MichaelB says:

    Yes, CB radio may have been a “fad” to the masses, but to those of us you appreciate its ability to allow really good communication(dare I say unmonitored by big brother 99+% of the time), it is still a data collecting and socializing tool to more people than you know. It would great if Tesla were to offer a CB/Ham radio kit option.


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