Lutz knows what’s best for Tesla

Father Knows Best TeslaMondoThe latest in TeslaMondo’s “Father Knows Best” mini-series comes as a shock. Why would 83-year-old Bob Lutz, a GM exec from 2001-2010, write such a gloom ‘n doom opinion piece on Road&Track? He says Tesla’s retail model will never work, and Model X has a “compromised” structure because of those doors, and cheap gas is sapping Tesla’s business — basically he fires off the whole ignoramus arsenal.

Seems Lutz is campaigning for FUDmeister General. Why? TeslaMondo thinks it’s because Tesla has pulled off several feats GM tried and failed to do, despite GM’s timeliness and vast resources. It must be frustrating for someone who was right there, in the trenches, but never received any medals of honor.

* First, GM tried and failed to sell factory-direct in 1999. Result? A much more entrenched and vigilant dealer lobby. Thanks a lot.
* Then it literally crushed the EV-1 in a historic show of myopia.
* Tesla’s Fremont plant? A GM/Toyota giveaway.
* Then Tesla inspired Lutz to build the Volt, and, presumably, the Caddy version that everyone except GM knew would bomb.
* Then GM set up a special team to study Tesla’s business model.
* GM has recently vocally opposed Tesla’s factory-direct business model on grounds of, “Hey, no fair. How come Tesla can skip the middleman but we can’t?”
* Then Lutz tried to sprinkle ants in Tesla’s picnic basket, telling crowds that TSLA is too expensive and Tesla Energy is no justification.
* And now he’s talking nonsense on Road&Track.

max-headroom-bob-lutzSo when you see the big picture, Lutz looks like a game show contestant who hits the buzzer first but then fumbles the answer. So maybe Lutz’s latest hit piece isn’t such a shock. It’s therapy for a sore loser who was SO CLOSE.

Notable naysayers
Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada says there’s “no market” for all-electric vehicles., a dealer chum, knows what’s best for Tesla.
Daimler and Bosch know what’s best for Tesla.
Battery guys know what’s best for Tesla.
Lux Research knows what’s best for Tesla.
Battery guru knows Model III is $50k.
EV Expert knows what’s best for Tesla.
Bob Lutz knows what’s best for Tesla.
Harvard think-tanker says Tesla will never scale up.
Darth Dieter says the Gigafactory is too risky.

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11 thoughts on “Lutz knows what’s best for Tesla

  1. vfxx says:

    Bob Shortz


  2. M.H. Kane says:

    Bob’s ( and all the other’s invalid ) opinions of Tesla Motors, summed up: >===>


  3. bfearn says:

    All the dummies running the car companies for decades have left us a terrible legacy that will cost us trillions. To bad that their ignorance and arrogance is still the way they think.


  4. David Sharp says:

    Western Union “We have reviewed Bell’s device and find it has no inherent value”. Sounds familiar.


  5. Saabluster says:

    You sir are a fine writer! Remind me of my other fav Steven Wade, aka Swade, the best Saab blogger. Please keep it up.


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  9. […] money on it like a big automaker could, so Tesla is finished. TeslaMondo has chronicled Lutz’s frustratingbrushes with EV greatness. He’s the game show contestant who hits the buzzer first but then […]


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