China nibbling green-car bait

This Old House TeslaMondoLast year, Tesla sold 2500 cars in China. This year, with one quarter still remaining, it has already sold 3025. And look at the pattern:

Q1: 791
Q2: 882
Q3: 1,345

Assuming a good Q4, that means 4500ish — a growth of 180% over 2014. Pure electrics and hybrids as a whole have grown similarly, easily outpacing gas-car growth.

Chinese media quote Musk as repeating his goal of Chinese assembly eventually, to drop Model III pricing by a third.

And then there’s this: “He said he enjoys getting involved in the ‘front line execution’ of the companies, but said Tesla will add new brain power to its team, which will ‘make it easier’ for him.” Assuming that’s not a misquote, it seems to repeat Musk’s prediction that once Model III is up and running, he may step down as CEO.

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One thought on “China nibbling green-car bait

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Word of mouth, customer testimonials are why Tesla Motors doesn’t need sales people and / or advertising . Anti-Tesla commenters also : aren’t self-aware enough to wait until all the facts are presented before repeating their bias confirmation sources ad nauseum.


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