Good ol’ cruise control was once scary

Auto-Pilot TeslaMondo

Tesla nominally shares technology with a 1958 Imperial.

Not because it had a “mind of its own,” but because drivers misused it. According some believable tall tales, people turned on cruise control* and then crawled into the back seat to get things, or take naps, confident in the “Auto-Pilot.” Yes, that’s what cruise was called in its infancy.

So some skittishness around Tesla’s Autopilot, justified or not, is to be expected. We’ve been here before. Every incremental step in automotive autonomy will agitate the debate about whether we can trust our fellow drivers, and the technology itself.

TeslaMondo has already predicted autonomous cars will at the very least invite hanky-panky. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop, you know. While some fear Tesla and Mobileye will have blood on their hands due to an Autopilot accident, TeslaMondo thinks it will be some other bodily fluid.

*History of cruise control.


One thought on “Good ol’ cruise control was once scary

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it ~ Somebody smarter than me.


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