Autonomy, Model III converging

If Elon is right about full autonomy arriving in about three years — and supposedly he’s recalibrating his forecasts for better accuracy — this could mean:

When the Gig and Model III hit full song, the car will drive by itself using a million-mile powertrain, monitor its state of charge, find and occupy parallel parking spaces, seek out Superchargers, provide ongoing feedback for the Tesla fleet as a whole, park itself in a garage (or Supercharger) and plug itself in using one of those robotic snakes. Sounds like a car that Tesla and/or a Tesla owner could rent out.

And by then, some other cars might be “awake” to each other. A new proposal from the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee would give automakers green credits if they use advanced safety technology, such as vehicle-to-vehicle awareness and autopilot-like stuff, for vehicles built 2018 and beyond. Why the tie-in to green credits? Because connected cars get better MPG by keeping more constant speed, staying out of trouble that would cause accidents (and tie up traffic) and avoiding the “accordion effect” of scrunching up with other cars and then spreading out.

TeslaMondo has often berated legacy automakers for whining about MPG and emissions standards. Well, here’s an alternative way for them to earn extra credit and avoid flunking the course. The big beneficiary of such regulation: MBLY.

Here’s the proposal. Scroll WAY down.


6 thoughts on “Autonomy, Model III converging

  1. Anonymous says:

    If the model 3 gains full autonomy to the point that it can work for UBER earning you money on the side, the economics of affordability are completely upended. Imagine buying a Model 3 in 2018 for $35-$70K depending on options and trim level. A few months later, an update upgrades the Autopilot to Uber-level autonomy. Now your car can earn $19/hr while you aren’t using it (average uber driver pay). Factoring in charging time, taking you to and from work, etc. your car could earn at least $200/day. Your car could pay itself off in less than 1 year and then make you money. Of course the price of a model 3 following such an update would skyrocket due to demand for such a lucrative money making drone. Get your pre-orders in early! 😉


  2. nea_caisa says:

    Actually I think the Uber Kool-aid should be taken in smaller doses. In many instances (but not all) where today Uber thrives, it will receive a setback from the driver-less cars. In places where it is affordable and practical to have your own car, you would only call an Uber if you’re unfit to drive. With a driver-less car this need for third party cars would be eliminated (the car is always fit to drive). It could however work in very crowded cities.
    It is a little bit like the solar power feed in tariffs fallacy, where everyone expects to make a profit from directly selling the power during the day (without storing it). However in the long run, the more houses who have solar and export power, it will lead to overproduction and when everybody tries to sell, it will sink the prices and also the expected profitability.
    Everyone thinks of renting their autonomous car but the others will also have their own autonomous cars, save for a short window of time where not all cars are autonomous. Autonomous driving is however something everyone and their dog is currently doing so the window is not very big. Like above, get your pre-orders in early.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the window for the coming gold-rush into electric uber-capable autonomous vehicles will be narrow. You will have to own a Model 3 before driverless Autopilot is ready and legal. The price of Ubers will steadily decline as cities become saturated. Uber has calculated that rates could eventually drop to as low as 10 cents per mile in a mature saturated market.


  4. M.H. Kane says:

    @ nea_caisa & @ Anonymous Unless this delay is engineered by government appointed CEOs for car companies to transition from the pre-internet-dealer business model, into a car company / autonomous ride service provider / delivery government controlled business model.


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