Sure feels like the good ol’ days

Iron Man Black Sabbath TeslaMondoThe Tesla of recent days harkens back to the Tesla of old, to the extent that there is an “old.”

  • *Supernatural product? Yep. Model X might as well have parachuted from Mars, where the laws of Earthly physics don’t quite apply. And Autopilot is coming this Thursday.
  • “Oh no he di’int” comments from Musk? Yep. This time it’s a quip about Apple hiring Tesla flunkies.
  • Stock under pressure from short-term thinkers? Yep. This time the nincompoops are a few analysts for whom the world ends 12/31/15.
  • Another clutch situation? Yep. This time it has to produce flawless copies of the most complex vehicle on the planet, if we accept Tesla’s description. And without delay. Remember, the world ends 12/31/15.
  • Tesla needs to prove itself? Yep. Investors once again are looking askance at Musk et al. Oh sure, that Model S is quite something. But it could represent mere beginner’s luck, a one-hit wonder, a fluke, a fad. And Model X might represent Tesla biting off more than mere neophytes can chew.

Luckily, Tesla is used to this stuff. In fact, one could argue that Tesla does its best work when it’s facing adversity. This is precisely when Iron Man dons the suit.

2 thoughts on “Sure feels like the good ol’ days

  1. Wipster says:

    My thoughts exactly!


  2. Anon says:

    Spot on. 🙂


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